The Boy Who Bakes: Baking Adventures with Edd Kimber

By Charlotte | Published on May 20, 2024


The Boy Who Bakes is a YouTube channel run by Edd Kimber, the first winner of The Great British Bake Off. Edd shares his baking expertise through detailed tutorials and delicious recipes, making it easy for viewers to replicate his creations at home.


Edd Kimber covers a wide range of baking topics, from simple cookies and cakes to more complex pastries and bread. His approachable style and clear instructions make baking accessible to both beginners and experienced bakers. Popular videos include his "Ultimate Chocolate Cake" and "Perfect Sourdough Bread."

Production Quality

The videos on The Boy Who Bakes are well-produced, with a focus on clarity and detail. Edd ensures that each step of the baking process is thoroughly explained and visually demonstrated, helping viewers achieve the best results.


The Boy Who Bakes has inspired countless viewers to take up baking, providing them with the skills and confidence to create their own baked goods. Edd's engaging personality and passion for baking have cultivated a loyal following and a vibrant online community.


The Boy Who Bakes is a delightful resource for anyone interested in baking. With Edd Kimber's expert guidance and friendly approach, the channel continues to inspire home bakers around the world.