Grouping made simple for youtube subscriptions.

Manage your youtube channels into groups and lists. Access them from Youtube the sidebar, and have fun.

Groupify Benefits

With this extension:

You can use this cool YouTube extension to create collections that fit perfectly into the YouTube layout. It's a super easy way to manage your YouTube subscriptions. And Its completely open-source.


Automatically sync your collections on any browser

Never lose a channel that you are subscribed again, now you can organize them into quick to acess groups and in the future share them to your friends

Add a custom icon to your YouTube collections

Enhance the context of your groups by utilizing our extensive library of icons.

Improve organization

Discover a centralized hub for all your content needs as you open YouTube.

Share with your friends

Share your groups with the world through easily shareable links, enabling others to clone or collaborate on them.


Easy to use on Dark & Light Mode

Organizing your subscriptions has never been easier with our 100% free and limitless browser extension. Say goodbye to worrying about the number of channels you have to manage, as we've got you covered.

Great UI and UX

Groupify is meticulously designed to provide you with the finest UI/UX experience possible.

Powered by React & TailwindCSS

We constantly leverage cutting-edge technologies and maintain a relentless pursuit of improvements.

Dark & Light Mode

Groupify offers both light and dark modes that automatically adapt to your system configuration.

Watch a video

Learn how to use the extension:

Don't miss out on any of our product's incredible features! Watch this video to learn how to extract the best that our product has to offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure you have no lingering doubts by checking our comprehensive FAQ section.

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Don't let your channels disorganized

Groupify is a free browser extension for chromium based browsers to manage your Youtube subscribers list. Its built with Plasmo & TailwindCSS
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