Alicia Widar

By Alicia Widar | Published on March 15, 2024


Alicia Widar is a successful entrepreneur and business coach who shares her insights and strategies for building a successful business and achieving personal growth.


The channel features a wide range of content, including:
  • Business tips and advice on topics such as marketing, sales, and productivity
  • Personal development strategies for building confidence, resilience, and self-care habits
  • Interviews with successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in various industries
  • Case studies of businesses that have achieved success through innovative strategies

Production Quality

Alicia Widar's videos are known for their high production quality, featuring crisp visuals, engaging animations, and a conversational tone that makes complex business concepts accessible to viewers.


  • Subscribers: 200,000+
    Videos: 100+
    Views: 10 million+


Alicia Widar has been featured on popular business and entrepreneurship platforms, with many fans praising her ability to break down complex concepts into actionable advice.


Alicia Widar's YouTube channel is a must-visit for anyone interested in building a successful business and achieving personal growth. Her expertise and insights have earned her a loyal following, making her one of the most popular channels in the entrepreneurship space.