Abroad in Japan: Exploring Japanese Culture and Lifestyle

By David | Published on March 10, 2024


Abroad in Japan is a popular YouTube channel featuring David, an American expat living and working in Japan. He shares his daily experiences, cultural observations, and tips for those interested in moving to Japan.


The channel includes a variety of content, such as:
  • Day-in-the-life vlogs of David's daily routine in Japan
  • Cultural explanations and observations about Japanese customs and traditions
  • Food reviews and cooking tutorials featuring traditional Japanese cuisine
  • Tips and advice for expats moving to Japan, including language lessons and cultural adjustments

Production Quality

Abroad in Japan is known for its high-quality productions, with crisp audio, visually appealing footage, and engaging storytelling.


  • Subscribers: 500,000+
    Videos: 200+
    Views: 20 million+


Abroad in Japan has been featured on popular expat and travel communities, with many fans praising his unique perspective on Japanese culture and lifestyle.


Abroad in Japan' s YouTube channel is a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring Japanese culture, food, and lifestyle. His dedication to sharing his experiences and providing valuable information has earned him a loyal following.